October 12 to October 14, 2021

A exclusive event for UCN Members to reconnect, and to strengthen their

relationships with fellow agent partners whilst building new

opportunities through our recurring online business meeting.


Please allow us to express our gratitude to you, for the decision of your sponsorship.

Not a Member, But wanna Join in the Fun? 

Inquire for a Membership! Apart from this Event we’ve also got Special Promos for all those who would like to sign up a membership with us for this year.

To inquire simply just send us an email at info@uc-network.com or Click the button below.


Event Activities

Network Updates 

Communication is key, and we’d like to use this event to further inform you about what is about to what is to happen despite the on going pandemic. We really hope to see you soon!


Keynote Speaker

We have a guest speaker who will be sharing with us their knowledge on some aspects in the logistic industry. Be sure to catch them on our Online conference! 

Open Discussion

Logistic updates in the industry, everyone will be given the chance to participate and share their experiences so that everyone will be able to learn from them. Hope you don’t miss it!

Raffle with Exciting Prizes

We’ve got some really awesome prizes in store for you and & the other members in our Raffle! We’ve got a variety of prizes but attendance is a must! So see you there!