An Virtual Get together for our Members! 

Since we cannot hold our annual conference this year, this simple virtual get-together is something we hope everyone will take part in and enjoy with your friends and family in UCN.


Message us for more Details

About the Event

UCN is organizing a virtual get-together for all members to keep everyone connected and to have a continuous interaction with each other. Once the situation improves and is safe for us to travel, we will definitely have our annual conference next year.

We made some adjustment on the time and here’s our agenda and I hope to see you all on 10th of November, Tuesday at 5:00 PM (Singapore time).

We’ll be providing everyone with the link meeting beforehand. So Please Stand by for more announcements!

Not a Member? But wanna Join in the Fun? 

Just apply for a Membership! Apart from this Event we’ve also got Special Promos for all those who would like to sign up a membership with us for this year.

To inquire simply just send us an email at [email protected] or Click the button below.


If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together


– Stephen Sim

The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.


– Tom Ford

The power of togetherness is the greatest power of all.

Event Activities

Special Network Announcements

Our CEO & Our International Network Development Director will be announcing some important information during the UCN ONLINE Get together, So please dont miss it! 

A Lucky Draw with Amazing Prizes!

We’ve got some really great prizes in store for you and & Other members in our Lucky Draw Raffle! Attendance is a must! Make sure to let Miss Gina know that youre attending.

Online Cheers

Since we’re all mostly stuck at home, we might as well get with the trend and have a little online cheers, Make sure you put your snacks and drinks beside you for this little activity. A little fun isnt any harm.

And More!

Apart from the other activites, we’ve still got a few surprises left on our sleeve & we hope that youre able to attend, so that you dont miss out. See the friends you couldnt see this year even for just a short while on this Online Get together

Latest from Our UCN Member News

We take pride on who our Members are because they are all professional, innovative and active individuals! Here are some updates from our Members on their Achievements & Other Company Updates. 

fullfilling commitments:  NAVIGATORS SHIPPING AND LOGISTICA L.L.CDespite heavy rush and container space constraints, which is a usual scenario during the year end weeks, Navigators successfully managed to fulfill all its cargo movement commitments before the first...

Spedicon Announcement

Dear Friends & Colleagues, It is with sadness, that we are having to announce a second second wave of the Virus spreading across a new cluster in our country. The effected figure is closing in on almost a thousand patients. This new cluster (more than 2 months...

Jacky Line: A digital Freight Forwarding Solution

A Digital Freight forwarding solution: Jackyline We are pleased to offer you and to the respected members of our network a new Digital Freight Forwarding professional system. We believe our proposal has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of needs of...