Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCN?

U-Connect Worldwide Network (UCN) is the only true network founded by a group of established and globally recognized NVOCCs. UCN is a selective membership of quality, trusted and reliable consolidators and freight forwarders worldwide.


What are the requirements to be a UCN member?

Requirement 1

Active consolidator or freight forwarder and established for a  minimum of 3 years.

Requirement 2

With regular existing services (export/import) in their own country/port

Requirement 3

With good reputation and integrity. Not listed as delinquent on any website.

Requirement 4

Supported with all government licenses and business permits to operate as a  consolidator or an air & sea freight  forwarder.

What is the Annual Membership Fee?

USD 1000 per overseas office

USD 500 per branch office (under the same country)

Financial protection: USD 500 per office per year

What are the benefits of joining UCN?

Global Coverage. Members from different regions, who have been selected to ensure that only quality consolidators and freight forwarders are part of the Network who can contribute to its members.

Conference and Events. An avenue where members can meet face-to-face, to give them the opportunity to meet potential global partners for business development and at the same time, to meet old friends in the industry.

Marketing and Advertisement. Through UCN brochure, newsletter, website and social media, these are the channels that will help promote the services and  benefits of each UCN member.

Limited no. of quality members per port/country. As a non-exclusive network, this will give the members more business opportunities, access to better services & rates, meet agent-partners with dedicated and specialized services.