Dear Friends & Colleagues,

It is with sadness, that we are having to announce a second second wave of the Virus spreading across a new cluster in our country. The effected figure is closing in on almost a thousand patients.

This new cluster (more than 2 months after the last patient was found from our society) originated from an employee working for one of the largest garment factories in Sri Lanka. The unit that this employee is employed has a total staff strength of almost 1500 beside other units who report for duty from around the country.

There may be too many unknowns such as rate of infection and immunity. Therefore, matter being given priority by the authorities with Curfew being imposed in some of the districts with obvious option to work from home.

We seek your valued understanding pertaining to documentation and operational matters, which may, if not get mildly effected to some extent. Disruptions to people and goods movements across the workforce can also be expected with measures taken to container the spread of COVID 19.

However, we are always at your disposals, contactable through e-mails and mobile phones for any of your requirements. There will be an essential service established covering the Shipping Industry just as it happened during the first outbreak and lockdown period. We solicit your valued understanding.

Thank You

Spedicon Logistics Pvt Ltd