A Digital Freight forwarding solution: Jackyline

We are pleased to offer you and to the respected members of our network a new Digital Freight Forwarding professional system.

We believe our proposal has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of needs of every freight forwarder.

Hereafter, we shall demonstrate that we have the commitment, capability, and resources to meet the challenge and exceed your expectations. Our provided online system is based on a deep understanding of the freight forwarding business with over 40 years in the freight forwarding business together with over a decade of experience with high end technologies.

Our outstanding team of experienced, knowledgeable and committed professionals are at your service, and we will personally be involved for all services provided to you. We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to discussing our online technologies with you and address any further questions you may have.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at the cross point between the traditional and digital era of freight forwarding just as the containers changed the shipping industry more than half century ago, join us now to the new revolution and let us help to be at top before all others.

Proposed Services

Jacky Line with FAST Applications, an Israeli based high tech company, offers the next generation in Freight forwarding software. The freight forwarding product is a Software- as-a-Service (SaaS) system developed to automate and expedite the sale of freight, enabling clients to win more business and differentiate from their competition. Moreover, as a SaaS, the system is completely on the cloud and require no additional costs for servers, maintenance by IT company, etc.

Basic Features of the Platform:

In addition, the system will provide all basic features of the system, as presented here:

1. Enabling to offer Digital Services to your customers

Branded Digital Freight Forwarding App for your freight brand

Online Quotations & Booking for your customers (Including rate management system)

Real-Time Containers and Air Cargo Track&Trace within your digital freight app

Centralized paperwork system with secured storage of up to 5GB

2. Business Benefits:


Reduce Cost of Sale by optimizing rate\quote sales process
Quote fast, accurately to win business
Eliminate mistakes on quotes
Manage, centralize, and analyze outgoing quotes, win-loss ratios, etc.
Increase customer loyalty by offering fast, consistent, transparent service
Differentiate from competition with quick turn-around time and digital branding

Centralized ecosystem across the global supply chain


3. Key Features:


Full digital TMS
Tariff management and user-friendly web interface
Attractive auto-quote and manual quote interface for RFQs
Quote editing, sharing and tracking with robust price level settings


➢ White labelled customer portal, public tracking page, public RFQ page and more…

➢ Direct bookings for air and ocean

➢ 4 level Track and Trace and visibility

➢ Document management across any shipment party

➢ Multi-language and Multi-currency support

➢ Accessible Business Intelligence, dashboards and reporting

➢ Accounting and operational modules

➢ Low-cost and practical solution with minimal commitment

➢ Easy SaaS pricing model based on monthly users

➢ Bi-directional API integrations (Rest API)

➢ e-commerce ready

➢ IOS and Android mobile applications for e-pod (coming soon)

➢ Proof of delivery (POD) with AI for drop route managing (coming soon)

The system designed to be used by:

Internal Freight Forwarder sales and other employees to generate quotes and rate offers internally


Customers signed into Customer’s web site

Any Shipment party can get transparent visibility

The system is already activated in Jacky Line Group website.
Currently, this system as a service of Jacky Line, is the only one in freight business that provide instant real price connected directly to freight forwarder.
View our Public Quotation here
View our DEMO VIDEO here (YouTube)