Learn to improve quality despite the growth of competition


The Salinas Shipping Company, we have improved our quality further in our industry by developing innovation and analytical techniques to maintain and improve our quality despite the competitive forwarder network that grows every day. These innovation investments made us more permanent in the global world because we do not give any compromise and we add value. We have started to take more and more effective steps in all areas related to our strong and professional staff in the logistics industry. We have achieved a new momentum, especially in an LCL cargo area and increased the number of our services. We are able to provide from port to port and to door delivery services to all world ports with our Istanbul based exits.

Our currently ongoing services as consolidation:

ISTANBUL-ALEXANDRIA (Weekly LCL – Direct Service)

ISTANBUL-PORT SAID WEST (Weekly LCL – Direct Service)

ISTANBUL-ASHDOD (Weekly LCL – Direct Service)

ISTANBUL-LEBANON via HAIFA LCL&FCL (We continue to offer RORO service with competitive prices )

ISTANBUL- HAIFA (Weekly LCL – Direct Service)

ISTANBUL- DUBAI (Weekly LCL – Direct Service)

ISTANBUL- SINGAPORE and via SINGAPORE TO all far east countries ( India-Taiwan-Japan-Australia and region countries)

In addition to these, our partial services will start soon that we have completed the feasibility of our new projects.

Also, Salinas Express Logistics has taken its place in the global market by passing to attack the ETGB micro export in duty-free and bonded cargoes between 1 – 300 kg and at the same time, it has started to provide services to many places in the world.

The services we can provide are as follows,

Europe – within 1 day from door to door delivery

Middle East – within 2 days door delivery

USA – within 2-4 days door delivery

Africa – within 3-5 days door delivery

Far East – within 2-5 days door delivery

In this sense, electronic trade customs declaration (ETGB) is a structure that used in the process of custom clearance of goods sent or receive by airline, seaway, roadway or fast cargo in order to speed up the process and all bureaucracy takes place in digital. We have carried our values further with this infrastructure