Frequently Asked Questions

What is UCN?

UCN or U-Connect Worldwide Network is the only true network of NVOCCs and ocean freight forwarders  globally. UCN is a selective membership of quality, trusted and reliable NVOCCs worldwide to meet the day to day requirements of ocean freight forwarders.

What differentiates UCN from other Networks?

UCN only have one assigned Exclusive Member (EM) per Country / Port. EMs are responsible to nominate potential Affiliated Members (AM) within their port. They can also nominate their agent-partner as potential candidates for EM in other ports where UCN has no representative yet.

What are the requirements to be an Exclusive Member (EM) in a country/port?

Ø  Presently offering consolidation services (export/import)in their own country/port

Ø  A Freight Forwarder having substantial LCL import nomination traffic and working or willing to work with some other members of the AWS network

Ø  Required to recommend 2 – 5 Affiliated Members to UCN

What are the requirements to be an Affiliated Member (AM)?

Ø  Medium size freight forwarding company who’s recommended by the concerned Exclusive Member of the country/port.

Ø  A strong supporter of EM, having regular LCL traffic (import/export) with the concerned Exclusive Member.

What is the annual membership fee?

For EM and AM the annual membership fee is USD 2000. If you sign-up as a member before end of November 2018 you may enjoy the inauguration discount of 50% for your first year. For every successful recommendation of an Affiliated Member, the Exclusive Member qualifies for a discount of USD500 from their annual fee, subject to a maximum of 1 year’s fee.

What are the benefits of joining UCN?

Ø  Global Coverage. Exclusive members from different regions, who have been selected to ensure that only quality NVOCCs are part of and can contribute to this network.

Ø  Conference and Events. An avenue where members can meet face-to-face, to give them the opportunity to meet potential global partners for business development and at the same time, to meet old friends in the industry.

Ø  Marketing and Advertisement. Through newsletter, UCN website and social media.

Ø  Limited no. of quality members per country / port.

What if an EM cannot give a successful recommendation?

If an EM cannot give a successful recommendation, they will still keep their membership as long as they continue to pay the annual membership fee and keep a good standing. However, since the EM cannot make any recommendations, UCN will then have the right to look for potential candidates as AM without further reference to them.

If an existing member wants to add branch office in other ports, how much should they pay?

For all registered EMs who have a second membership (for both EM and AM) within the same country, the subsequent membership will enjoy a 50% discount i.e. at USD1000 annual fee.