U Connect Network or UCN is a selective membership of quality, trusted and reliable NVOCCs worldwide to meet the day to day requirements of ocean freight forwarders.

UCN is the only true network of NVOCCs and ocean freight forwarders globally.

UCN was founded by Mr. Stephen Sim, CEO of Asian Worldwide Services (AWS) based in Singapore. With his vast knowledge & experience of more than 30 years he has ventured and established many companies like Globelink and Asian Groupage Services.

Overview of


This network is by-invitation only, on the initial phase the membership is only open to our Exclusive partners and top forwarders nominated by our Exclusive Members (EM). The cooperation and support of our current members will be needed to identify and select these forwarders. To aid the selection procedure, the criteria will be shared to our Exclusive Members during this process. Once the forwarders have been selected, the team will proceed to screen through the list. If they meet the stringent criteria, they will subsequently be extended the invitation to join our network. The reason for having a stringent criteria is to ensure that the network is made of like-minded individuals that have the capabilities to offer synergy and growth to our entire network.


To establish a true network of consolidators/ NVOCC, to connect with formidable freight forwarders and be at par with the top Global Consolidators and IFFs providing excellent service with our innovative solutions through the combined efforts of our Members.


As a network of NVOCCs across the globe, we have come together to provide economical, effective and efficient transport solutions without compromising on quality.